Speaker Resource Kit

This page includes information for those who are going to speak at DrupalCamp Baltics 2018.

Some general session requirements

  • Presentation must be in English
  • Session can be presented by one or more speakers
  • Session content should be technical or non-technical topics related to Drupal as well as Drupal project case studies


Types of sessions

  • 45 min presentation (plus 5 min Q&A) > max duration 50 min
  • 25 min presentation (plus 5 min Q&A) > max duration 30 min
  • 2-3 h Training / Workshop

After max duration time the session must be stopped to allow people to go to their next sessions and allow presenters to prepare for their presentation.


Presentation template

We have prepared some session templates with a predefined design that we ask to use during your session/training preparation. They are available in several formats, so you would be able to use them with your favourite presentations building tool. They are the following:

If you choose not to use DCB slides, please include the following slides in your presentation:

  • First slide
  • Session Title slide 
  • Sponsor slides


Session room and equipment

Audio visual equipment, data projector, microphone, clicker, WiFi Internet connection will be provided. Flip chart is available in Tower room. 

Please take into account that our projectors will use a HDMI connection and we expect that you will use your own laptop as presenting device. If it's not possible or you need any special adapters, please tell us so we can look for them.


Speaker benefits

  • Free entrance
  • Contribution to community
  • Opportunity to introduce yourself or your company
  • Presentation experience


Please feel free to contact us info@drupalcampbaltics.com if you have any questions or comments.