Workshop: Future of Drupal Theming - the Technical Side

In short

Workshop: Future of Drupal Theming - the Technical Side

Workshop lead: Mathieu Spillebeen

When: November 16, 2019, 10 AM-6PM

Where: Wunder office (Dēļu street 7D, Riga)

Price: 200 EUR/person, 50 EUR/student (

Notice: Workshop will take place only if there will be at least 4 participants


In detail

Mathieu has been speaking to people about the future of Drupal Theming for quite some time. His presentation at DrupalCamp Baltics 2019 is focused on the concept as he wanted to explain the idea that made him move forward. Still, the questions he receives show the need to speak about the technical side in more detail.

So he is offering a program for 8 hours intense pace workshop, from which the attendees can pick what interests them most. There also will be a collective choice of going practical or staying technical on each topic. Before the workshop, Mathieu will send out a questionnaire to all workshop attendees, what their preferred topics are, so he can customize it towards the audience.

The topics for the workshop are:

  • Setting up Compony
    • Single theme
    • Multi theme​
  • Component naming convention
  • CSS-generating & non-CSS-generating Sass
  • Migrating a theme to Compony
  • When to abstract components
  • Re-usable vs project-specific components
  • Anti patterns:
    • Cross-component-fragility with images
    • Spriting & url-encoding
    • aggregation
    • global breakpoints
    • CDN's
  • How to update components?
  • Drupal's different caching contexts
  • How to deploy components
  • Hook system for dummies
    • HOOK_preprocess_hook
    • HOOK_theme_suggestions_hook_alter
    • HOOK_library_info_alter__hook
    • HOOK_theme__hook
  • Drupal Field UI vs Twig hardcoding
  • Business vs presentational logic
  • Integrating libraries as components
  • Drupal’s JavaScript behaviours
  • How to extend the hook system?
  • Twig’s capabilities.

If you are interested, get your ticket before November 15, 2019, at 1 PM!