Community Bank - BoF

Community Bank - BoF


"Drupal is used by more than one million websites. The vast majority of the individuals and organizations behind these Drupal websites never participate in the development of the project." - Dries

Many willing contributors are facing dilemma about “contributing for benefit of all” vs “sustaining my family financially”. The result – poor maintenance of software which in turn results in a lot of frustration. Have you noticed that there are around 1000 modules are marked as "Seeking new maintainer" and around 2000 are marked as "Seeking co-maintainer(s)"? Have you seen messages like "I would like to step down as maintainer of Features Extra. Sadly I no longer have the time to maintain it." ? Do you have any production site where there are no "-dev" modules?

It is possible to change that situation.

Community Bank is an idea/concept/proposal how to take Drupal development funding to the next level, and not only funding, but development speed as well. It has six major core concepts/principles how it operates. It is not only a concept. In current phase of development a prototype will be shown.

During the session these features will be explained and be shown. It will be followed by discussion, how can this be serving community in a best possible way conceptually as well as what might be possible technical architecture doing it better.

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