About DrupalCamp Baltics

Drupal community is a growing and supportive community that believes in an open-source and collaboration. DrupalCamp Baltics have become an annual Drupal community event for people in the Baltics and beyond. With its high functionality and multiple add-on modules and design options available, Drupal can be customized to suit almost every purpose. Drupal powers over one million websites and tens of thousands of large organizations are using Drupal as their primary web solution. 


Drupal is a free open source web content management platform with great standard features and wide functionality. It is maintained by thousands of passionate users and developers who create an alive, growing and supporting Drupal community. Drupal people in Baltics are an essential part of this movement and an annual gathering is crucial to strengthen the community and boost up its competitiveness.

Since the first DrupalCamp Baltics in 2010, the event has been held each year in one of the capitals of Baltics. The conference addresses such hot topics like the development and usability of the Drupal system, analysis of implemented Drupal projects, gained experience and lessons learned.


Previous camps

DCB 2018 Tallinn presentations: bit.ly/dcb2018-presentations

DCB 2018 Tallinn videos: DCB Youtube channel

DCB 2017 Vilnius: 2017.drupalcampbaltics.com

DCB 2017 presentations: bit.ly/dcb2017-presentations

DCB 2016 Riga: 2016.drupalcampbaltics.com

DCB 2016 presentations: bit.ly/dcb2016-presentations

DCB 2015 videos: DCB Youtube channel

DCB 2013 presentations: bit.ly/dcb2013-presentations

DCB 2012 Riga presentations: bit.ly/dcb2012-presentations